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Current Instructors

Hanshi Bill Marcum

Bill Marcum holds Ku dan rank. He has represented his nation and American karate both as a competitor on the USA National Karate Team and as a member of the coaching staff. In 1992 Hanshi was selected as a coach for the WUKO World Championships in Spain. Marcum has indicated that the characteristics of the desire to win as well as "coachable" aspects combine to make world-class contenders in the international spotlight. "One-sidedness" in regard to either offensive or defensive techniques is noted as a negative strategy in kumite. Bill Marcum's professional background as coach lists impressive credentials and successes. Hanshi has coached many national champions in international events. His trip to Yugoslavia/Hungary as a world-class competitor has brought an international perspective to the dojo.

Kyoshi Roxanne Marcum

Roxanne Marcum holds Shishi dan rank. Kyoshi was a pioneer for women in karate competition. She successfully competed and medaled in local and national levels of competition, as well as being one of the first female members of the United States Karate Team. Kyoshi has numerous medals in Kobudo, Kata, and Kumite from her career as a competitor. She was awarded the All American Award after winning the USAKF Nationals in weapons. She has retired from competition but continues to fine-tune techniques in her students and to inspire them to uphold a high standard for themselves.

Sensei Matt Senek - Go Dan

Matt began his study of karate with the Marcums while he was in high school in 1988. He is now the rank of Go Dan. He has participated in several tournaments in kata, weapons and Kumite. Additionally Matt has a diverse background in other Martial Arts styles. He has spent more than 15 years training with Hanshi Marcum and Master George Hu learning Internal Martial Arts, such as Tai Chi, Pa Qua, and Hsing-I. Matt also studies Chinese weapons with these masters.

Sensei Kristin Senek - San Dan

Kristi started as a student at Marcum's Martial Arts Academy in 1990 and has been teaching karate since 1993. She taught at the Kent State For Kids program for six years, and has also taught basic karate programs in the local community. She loves working with kids and helping to build their self-confidence. She has also taught Cardio Karate and assisted in the Women's Self Defense Classes for the dojo.

Sensei Jamie Whyte - San Dan

Jamie started with Marcum's Martial Arts Academy in November of 2000 and received her Sho Dan in January of 2007. Jamie has been assisting with classes since 2003, as well as instructing classes of her own. Additionally, she assists in the Women's Self-Defense classes. Whyte was named Women's Grand Champion in the 2009 Isshinryu World Karate Championship. She has a long string of medals and trophies that attest to her skill.

Sensei Joel Caracciolo - Ni Dan

Joel began his study of karate with the Marcums in 1985. He has competed and placed both locally and nationally. He has been the instructor for Tuesday classes since 2007 and has been innovative in his training style. He enjoys teaching the younger students and fine tuning their skills. Joel has utilized his expertise in information technology to setup and maintain the dojo's web site.

Sensei Katherine Bryk - Ni Dan

Katherine started with Marcum's Martial Arts Academy in the fall of 1984. She graduated from Oberlin College in 1993 and Kent State University in 1996. Katherine received her Sho Dan in 1989 and recently her Ni Dan. For the past year she has instructed karate classes at Menlo Park Academy during their elective and after-school programs. In 2011, she received three first place trophies at the Isshin Ryu World Karate Association Tournament. In 2012, Katherine was awarded Grand Champion in the Orwell Tournament in Orwell, Ohio. She also is an assistant instructor for the children's classes for the academy.

Sensei Carmine Russo - Sho Dan

Carmine began his training in Isshinryu Karate in 1974 in New Rochelle, New York. While he was in high school he trained under the lineage of Master Don Nagel, Hanshi Nick Adler, and Sensei Tommy May. He graduated in 1976 from Samuel Gompers High School in New York in Electrical Education. Carmine entered the United States Marine Corps in 1980 and graduated in 1980 with meritorious PFC. Next, he attended Mechanic School and graduated in November of 1980 as a trained Wrecker Operator. Carmine married in 1982. He and his wife have four children, 2 boys and 2 girls. In 1991 they moved to Ohio. Here he returned to his study of Isshinryu at Marcum's Martial Arts Academy where he received his Sho Dan.

Sensei Christopher Gleason - Sho Dan

Chris started his amrtial arts training in the summer of 2002 and received his Sho Dan rank in March of 2010. He has compted in the IWKA World Championships twice, winning 1st and 2nd place awards in kata and kumite. He began instructing the Children's Tuesday classes at the dojo in 2005 and has now been teaching both karate and swimming at Life Center in Hudson. Also, Chris works as an intern at Genei Repros while studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Kent State University. He will be graduating in December of 2012.


Sensei Kermit Mangus - Sho Dan

Kermit started karate in 1994 and shortly thereafter began training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi at Marcum's Martial Arts Academy. He has extensive knowledge of mental and body mechanics. He also has Chinese Weapon training in his repertoire.

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