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All Isshinryu National Championship and Masters Symposium Information


We would like to invite your Isshinryu Martial Arts School to participate in an educational Isshinryu masters symposium and competition to celebrate our dedication to the martial way.
Celebrating and sharing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's heritage and vision,
We hope you will join us!


Hosted by:
Hanshi Bill Marcum
Shihan Roxanne Marcum
Kyoshi Heidi Gauntner


All Seminar and Tournament Events
Tournament Fees
Date: Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11, 2016

Cecchini Family Health and Wellness Complex
2020 East Maple Street
North Canton, Ohio 44720-3336
Pre-registration (by March 1, 2016):
- NA -
Pre-registration (by May 25, 2016):
Walk-in Registration (June 11):
Spectator Fee (at the door only):
Children 5 Years and Younger:
Seminar Fees EARLY (By May 25, 2016)
Friday Pre-registration:
Saturday Pre-registration:
Both Days Pre-registration:
Walk-in Seminar Registration (June 10 and/or June 11, 2016): each day $25


The current list of Masters teaching seminars on History, Kata, bunkai, fighting techniques, self-defense and weapons:
  • Master J. H. Kim, 10th Dan
  • Master Chuck Wallace, 9th Dan and Master Kevin Kumph, 6th Dan
  • Master Marilyn Fierro, 9th Dan
  • Master Nick Adler, 10th Dan
  • Master Don Nash, 9th Dan
  • Master Marvin Carmona, 9th Dan
  • Master Wayne Wayland, 8th Dan
We will notify everyone when the scheduling is finalized.

Friday, June 10

Saturday, June 11

Master Chuck Wallace / Sensei Kevin Kumpf - Kata and Techniques
1:00PM to 2:15PM
Left side of gym
Master Nick Adler Bo and Sai Weapons (bring both)
9:30am to 10:45AM
Left side of gym
Master Marilyn Fierro - Self Defense
1:00PM to 2:15PM
Right side of gym
Master Wayne Wayland - History of Isshinryu Karate
9:30AM to 10:45AM
Right side of gym
Master Don Nash - Fighting Techniques in and out of competition Bring Fighting Gear
2:30PM to 3:45PM
Left side of gym
Master Marvin Carmona - Jujitsu
11:00AM to 12:15PM
Left side of gym
Master Roxanne Marcum and Master Heidi Gauntner - Sharpening Kata Techniques according to the rules.
2:30PM to 3:45PM
Right side of gym
Master Bill Marcum - Review of Rules / Test Taking
11:00AM to 12:15PM
Right side of gym
4:00pm - 5:00pm - Cavalier's Room - Master Bill Marcum - Isshinryu International Rules Seminar - All Black Belts should attend as well as any other adult competitors who are interested
5:00PM to 7:00PM
All adult black belt divisions
12:10pm to end
Tournament Bow-In 12:30PM
Finish Tournament and Grand Championships by 5:00pm
Holiday Inn Family Party 7:00PM


Host Hotel

Holiday Inn Canton (Belden Village) Say you are with the KARATE GROUP
4520 Everhard Rd NW
Canton, Ohio 44718

Call Toll Free 1-330-494-2770
Tell them you are with the Isshinryu Masters Symposium
After March 1, 2016, there will not be any rooms held specifically for this event. We would appreciate it if you would reserve your rooms in the next couple weeks in order for all of us to be in one place to be able to talk with each other and to enjoy this time together, including the party Saturday night.

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