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Shihan Bill marcum will conduct a seminar on the KAMA. This agricultural farm tool was used by the Okinawans in harvesting their crops. This lightweight tool was soon adapted to become a lethal weapon when yielded by any weapons master. The Nichogama was used in pairs and the blades were used for hooking, slicing, blocking and striking. The seminar will include the use of these techniques and applications. The kata Tozan will be the focus of the seminar. Shihan marcum has over forty years of Kobudo training and has had the good fortune to learn and train with many well-known weapon masters.

Space is limited, so register early. Preregistration deadline NOVEMBER 12th.

Preregistration cost: $40.00 Cost at the door: $45.00

If you need to order Kamas, you need to notify Shihan Marcum BEFORE November 12, 2013

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