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Jodo - The way of the stick

The art is about 400 years old and was founded by Muso Gonnosuke, a samurai who suffered defeat at the hands of Miyamoto Mushashi, the greatest sword man / warrior in Japanese history. Gonnosuke survived the defeat and was determined to find a way to beat Mushashi. After traveling around japan and studying other martial arts, Gonnosuke retreated to a shrine to meditate. He had a dream about the use of a stick as a weapon to defeat the sword. Gonnosuke developed techniques with the Jo suing his knowledge of the sword and other weapons. He incorporated techniques of the spear, the halberd, the staff and the sword to develop his new art Jojutsu. With his new weapon and techniques he went back to challenge Mushashi again and defeated Mushashi in what may have been Mushashi's only loss. Shindo Musu Ryu Jodo is the name of the art that Gonnosuke developed.

Jo-Do, the way of the stick, is the art of practice using a Jo, a 50 inch staff and a Bokken, a wooden sword. The Jo is used to defend against attacks by an opponent yielding a bokken in the way that a sword is used to cut and strike. The Jo is used to block, counter and attack the bokken as well as targeted areas of the body.

What We Offer

Training consists of individual practice (tandoku) and partner practice (sotai). Kihons (basics) and Kata (prearranged attacks and defenses) make up the the bulk of practice. Students are trained in martial arts tactics of distancing, tai sabaki, timing and many more martial art concepts in perfecting the Kohons and Kata.

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